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Collezione Gusto Dolce 2022 - Gift Box

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Who couldn’t use a dose of sugary goodness this holiday season? Indulge a sweet tooth with an assortment of delicious Italian treats: a classic panettone, both classic and chocolate biscotti, a bag of mixed chocolates, and the famous almond and orange scented Ricciarelli cookies from Le Dolcezze di Nanni. All of this goodness arrives in a Florentine paper covered box.

Because all of the products in your box arrive in their own separate and original packaging, you can send the box to yourself and divide items to be gifted separately to a number of friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone you’d like to include in your holiday gift-giving. Or keep the entire box for yourself to delight your palate over the coming weeks! The entire Buon Gusto box can also be delivered to a lucky recipient via our quick and easy Federal Express shipping directly from Florence. Just click send and your work is done!

Shipped directly from Florence, Italy. The price includes Express Shipping via FEDEX to the US.

The Gusto Dolce 2022 Gift Box contains:

Handmade Box with Florentine paper (36cm/14.17" x 26cm/10.24" x 15cm/5.51")

Panettone Classico Scarpato (750g)
Pasticceria Scarpato has been making panettone since 1888, using a four day process for each panettone from start to finish. This is a classic Italian Christmas cake with candied fruits baked inside. Buon Natale!

Biscotti di Prato alle Mandorle Mattei (500g)
These almond biscotti come in the famous “blue bag” of the Antonio Mattei Biscottificio in Prato near Florence. Antonio Mattei, creator of the original recipe, opened the biscotti factory in 1858 and the Pandolfini family has carried on the delicious tradition with the same passion for over one hundred years.

Confezione di Biscotti Lunardi al Cioccolato (400g)
Cantucci biscuits and chocolate: the traditional Tuscan cantuccio meets delicious Fratelli Lunardi dark chocolate.

La Perla Chocolate Truffles (10 pieces)
This goodie bag contains several varieties of the classic truffle: tiramisu, pistachio and raspberry, salted peanut, triple chocolate, and Macaè dark chocolate.

Molisnack Mini Barrette di Cioccolato La Molina (8 pieces - 160g)
Dive into a mix of 8 mini snack chocolate bars from La Molina: milk and dark chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, peanut, salted hazelnut and salted almond.

“Ricciarelli” Le Dolcezze di Nanni (160g)
This famous Tuscan sweet, with its light yet compact heart, is made with sweet almonds, sugar, egg white and honey, and then covered with powdered sugar. The aroma and flavor are those of almond paste with a delicate scent of candied orange.