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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casa Gola – Az. Agricola Cerbini Luciana (5 Liter Can) 2023

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The 2023 harvest has been one of limited yields but the same excellent quality. As many of you have read the Extra Virgin Olive Oil market is in turmoil this year with large price increases and limited availability. Casa Gola and Cantina Direct are delighted to continue to offer our exceptional oil with only a slight price increase of $1 per liter. Quantities are limited so please consider placing your order for the year at this time. There are no guarantees that it will be still available later in 2024. 

Luciana Cerbini’s oil is made from Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio olives, typical from the Umbria region. Maria and Brian have known Luciana for 15 years and have even participated in the harvest at Casa Gola.

Casa Gola extra virgin olive oil is green with golden reflections. The nose recalls typical notes of artichoke, fruit and herbs; in the mouth the taste is full, with a balanced bitter and pleasant spicy finish.

Perfect with all types of meats and fish as well as on soups and salads, as the taste is very smooth and balanced.

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Technical Notes

Altitude: 300m above sea level
Olive variety: 80% moraiolo, 10% frantoio, 10% leccino
Color: bright emerald green
Olfactory notes: artichoke, the smell of freshly cut aromatic herbs and celery.
Taste notes: sweet, strong flavor with a remarkable persistence
Gastronomic use: uncooked vegetables, grilled meat, soup, and tomato sauces.

About Casa Gola

Immersed in the green hills of Umbria and situated between the castle of Torre del Colle of Bevagna and the Santuario della Madonna della Valle, Casa Gola dominates the hill of the same name. An ancient rural residence was converted into a farm in 1997, when Luciana Cerbini and Giovanni Picuti purchased the estate with the goal of restoring it to its agrarian roots and initiating the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

From 1999 to 2001 several projects were carried out to improve the quality of the olive trees already on the land and their olive oil production. The owners of Casa Gola decided to plant moraiolo olive trees because they believe that the moraiolo has superior qualities and optimum growing conditions in Umbria. Casa Gola olive oil embodies the beauty and power of Umbrian agrarian traditions. Luciana and Giovanni are also great lovers of art and culture and commissioned the painter Luigi Frappi to create the label of the Casa Gola brand. Many of you who have visited Umbria with CIU have enjoyed cooking with Luciana on the Casa Gola property over the years, and can attest to her distinctive taste, commitment to authentic ingredients, and warm hospitality.

Casa Gola’s olive oil is harvested by hand-picking the olives and cold pressing them in a continuous cycle to preserve the fruity fragrance without compromising the slightly spicy taste and strong character. Over time, these features combine and mellow to achieve a very pleasing, versatile oil. There are three varieties of olives present in Casa Gola’s olive oil, moraiolo, leccino, and frantoio. The olives are hand-picked from the 15th to the end of October to guarantee that the olives remain intact. As a result, the acidity of Casa Gola Extra Virgin Olive Oil has never been over 0.16 %. We have been ordering 5 liter cans of this oil for years, and eventually expanded our order to include neighbors and friends who sought high quality oil in the U.S. at a reasonable price. The oil is a mainstay in our kitchen and we also pour out small decorative bottles to take to friends as one of a kind hostess gifts!

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