The Reviews are in . . . Cantina Direct is a Hit!

It’s been almost one month since we launched Cantina Direct, making Umbrian EVOO and authentic Italian delicacies direct from Florence easy to give and receive. The reviews are in!

Order by December 18 to guarantee holiday delivery.


5 Liters of Fantastico! JB, Cape Cod, MA


Couldn’t believe how well packed it was, both inside the box and the packaging itself. It even comes in a box with a a bow, etc., for Christmas in a way that I could check the contents but not have to rewrap it. Absolutely perfect for someone like me, and that’s before we even get to sample the goods. Most importantly, Margaret will really like it and so will my girls, who really enjoy preparing and eating Italian food. AM, Memphis, TN


For the past three years my wife and I have had the good fortune to use the extra virgin olive oil "Casa Gola" which we find to have superior flavor and freshness. We love the idea that we are buying directly from the farm in Umbria and supporting the local growers. We use this superior quality oil in cooking and as a flavorful finishing oil. The fact that it is shipped directly to our home is another reason why we continue to buy this wonderful olive oil. Thank you Brian and Maria for introducing us to this tasteful addition to our culinary adventures. JK and JA, New Haven, CT



Our pantry is STOCKED! I am not sorry I ordered one of each box and I am mostly keeping it all for us!...LOVE the boxes. Also they were really full! It did not feel like there was packing etc to make them SEEM full - they were so full that after I unwrapped things I kept them in the box they came in at first so I could keep it straight - but it was actually hard to fit it all back inside! I have only sampled the chocolates and the truffle salt so can’t speak for everything, but all is delicious so far! All of the items feel like things I could not get here - so they seem really special. VC, Greenwich, CT


Exquisite olive oil with spectacular flavor! Perfect for pouring on anything edible. Our entire extended family eagerly awaits the next shipment from Casa Gola! BF, New Haven, CT


From its elegant packaging, to its very timely delivery, the Cantina box is an ideal holiday gift or indulgence. The contents of the box provide the makings for a delicious snack, an appetizing first course, or a light meal--all with the possibility of transporting the recipient to an ephemeral Italian experience to sustain the spirit in these times without travel. RML, Watertown, MA