2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Casa Gola is ready to order!

The bad news is that 2021 was a tough year for olive groves across central Italy and production is dramatically down this year. The good news is that the small amount of extra-virgin olive oil coming from Umbria is of exceptional quality, so now is the time to place your preorder for this extraordinary oil.

Our oil is produced by Casa Gola, an olive oil estate set on the Umbrian hills between the Torre del Colle castle and the Santuario della Madonna della Valle above the medieval town of Bevagna. Our friends Luciana Cerbini and Giovanni Picuti purchased this farm in 1997 as a passion project to begin producing high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, and many of our clients have visited the property over the years to enjoy a cooking experience with Luciana at the farmhouse.

Fresh-pressed extra-virgin olive oil (called “new oil” in Italy) is particularly flavorful and packed with polyphenols…though you can consume olive oil right after it’s pressed between October and December, the flavor reaches its peak two or three months later, so January the best time to savor new olive oil. Both the flavor and nutrients begin to fade after six months and fall flat two years after pressing, so the younger your olive oil, the tastier and healthier.

We offer convenient five-liter cans of this uniquely piquant oil that is ideal to stock your own holiday pantry, give as a gift to the passionate cook or gourmand on your list, or divide into smaller decorative bottles as hostess or holiday gifts.